About Us

Most of us these days would like to explore healthier and safer options for our families and our planet when it comes to health, home and beauty products. There are no bones about it, Chemicals are BAD and they are everywhere! We have developed a line of 100% All-Natural, Chemical Free Products to help you and your family live better, feel better and smell better too!

All of our products are made using only 100% all natural ingredients, many of them organic. We use the highest quality pure essential oils and all natural ingredients, absolutely no chemicals or synthetic substitutes. Why All-Natural? Because when properly chosen and carefully made, all natural health, home and beauty products are profoundly effective, inspiring to your senses, better for the environment and most beneficial to your overall well-being. It's long been held that you're only as healthy as what you put in your body. The same goes for what you put on it. Your skin is a sponge. Plain and simple. Your skin is your largest organ, and what you put on it gets absorbed into your body. In fact, studies show that 60% of the ingredients get absorbed into your body! Synthetic chemical ingredients are not always easily metabolized in the skin, which can have potentially harmful effects. It's enough to make you think twice about letting your skin soak up these synthetic ingredients on a daily basis!

Be well!

The Nasty Free Naturals Crew


"Product statements are for informational purposes only. Our products are not intended to cure or prevent any disease or condition. Although great care and research went into creating the content and product, much of aromatherapy and the said benefits of essential oils are considered alternative treatments and are not meant to be used as a substitute for modern medical intervention. No liability will be assumed by Nasty Free Naturals or it's employees, owners or affiliates for any claims arising out of the misuse or otherwise of essential oils or any other product sold or manufactured by Nasty Free Naturals. Always keep all products out of the reach of children. Please test all skin products before using! If redness, itching or skin irritation occurs, stop using product immediately. If you are pregnant, nursing, have high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes or heart disease, please contact your doctor before using any essential oils or Nasty Free Naturals Products."

"Shipping Policy Orders normally ship within 2 - 3 business days of receipt of order. If we anticipate a delay we'll let you know asap!"