Both professionally, (as co-owner of Babyvibe, www.babyvibe.ca), and personally (as a mom of three), I am very familiar with all the eco friendly baby products on the market. I can honestly say that the Cheeky Monkey line of baby products from Nasty Free Natural contains some of the most effective (and yes, greenest) products I've encountered. While my personal favourite product in this line is the Cheeky Monkey bum buff (I can't imagine changing a messy diaper without it!), I have tried all the products here, and they are all winners! - Nancy O.

Snore-no-more belongs on 'Oprah'. It saved my marriage! It works, it REALLY REALLY works! - K.D. Burnaby

The Face Food exfoliator is soooo gorgeous. It totally feels like real food for the skin, especially when you can feel the oats. I'm so glad I picked it up along with my order :-) - C. Yeung

I absolutely love cleaning my toilet with Squeaky Clean powdered cleanser and not being overwhelmed with unhealthy, chemical fumes. It is much nicer to have a light, citrus and lavendar smell but with the same cleaning effect. - Joan

Nasty Free Naturals is one of those rare suppliers we love to deal with. Great customer service, flexible ordering, and most importantly...great products that sell well. - Every Little Bit 

My absolute FAV and chronically addicted to products are the facial cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliants! Oh no, wait! My faves are SNORE NO MORE, household cleanser and the cuticle cream.... O' Man, wait! I also love the eczema cream, eye cream, squeaky clean and lemongrass room spray.... my son's bedside contains sleepy massage oil (which NO ONE and I mean NO ONE else is allowed to use), hayfever help, hip check (growing pains) and sometimes cold and flu! Everything is fabulous! - Shauna H. Coquitlam

I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. Even the kids like to slather the “cold & flu kung fu” all over. My personal favourites are the citrus bliss body wash and the lemon loofah. Great prices. Great products. - Allison F.

Awesome stuff!! Just picked up more today. I am making my way thru the product list. I am so happy with Face Food. Cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator. Makes my skin feel so smooth with out any harsh chemicals. Room spray is great too! - Laura K.

Simply awesome products .... for all the bodies we love! -
Lisa G. Nanaimo

The Nasty Free Naturals hand sanitizer spray is a must-have for moms-on-the-run. It's small enough to carry around in your pocket for any time the kids need a quick clean-up. The kids love a quick spray and it smells minty and refreshing instead of like alcohol. - Lisa H.

Ooooh! So totally love my new "Face food" and the "Choc mint lipbalm" .... Heaven.... mmmm.... :-) - Jeannine S.

Love Christmas Bliss and can't wait to try Gingerbread and Peppermint Vanilla.....mmmmmm. -
Shawna S.